You may think, why am I doing it? Because I believe that knowledge always grows in the best manner only when it is shared open-heartedly.

       1. Focus at your customer more than your product

Customer Focused Business

  • Get fixed on your customer experience, and your product will keep changing to serve them best. But fix your product, and customers will find a path that fits them, with or without you.

     2.  The age of Technology & Customization

Age of Technology and Customization

  • We’ve moved from the industrial age where it was all about the product and productization to the technological age where it’s all about the customer and customization.
  • Instead of focusing on product development and production lines (which we learned about and were a part of at school), focus on customer experiences and customization lines.

      3. Find Perfect Customer and not perfect ‘Product’!

Perfect Customer

  • Your business doesn’t start when you have a product. It starts when you have a customer. So who is your perfect customer? Start from there and ask yourself

      4. Questions you need to ask yourself before launching your business

Pre-Launch Queries

  • Problem – What is the problem they need solved?
  • Promise – What is the benefit you deliver to them by solving it?
  • Product – How will you solve it better than others?
  • Proof – Why should they trust you.

      5. Innovate with the growing rate of trend

Innovate with the trend

  • Keep upgrading your answers (and your products) regularly. Because what your customers need, their expectations and how they are being served will keep changing fast.
  • Once you get into the flow, you’ll begin to know what they need before them, and they’ll begin pre-buying your next product.

      6. Predict your Future by Loving your Customers (Not your Product)


your Customer

  • The easiest way to future proof your business is to have customers that love you. The easiest way to fail is to love your idea or product more than you love your customers. So find your soul market and fall in love all over again.

Here comes the end of my Post. I request everyone, even if you have experienced any other lessons in your entrepreneurial journey, please do share it in the comments of this post. I would be more than happy to address everyone and even learn new things from you.

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